We are very proud of our accomplishments reaching our goals in the areas of education, culture, and community. Since 1984, the Society has given out more than 145 scholarships to High School graduates who pursue a higher education. We are proud to be part of their future. This year, 2019, for the first time ever, a total of 10 scholarship were awarded.  We are grateful to everyone who contributed through our activities, especially to the 16th Festival celebrated November 18, 2018, as well as, individual scholarship donors who made this possible, including H-E-B.


The Puerto Rican Heritage Society (PRHS) Scholarship Program, the “Héctor Méndez Scholarship” will continue its affiliation with Minnie Stevens Piper Foundation (MSPF)-Bexar County Scholarship Clearing House.  PRHS will award four to six scholarships or more, according to the availability of funds, to graduating high school seniors. One additional open scholarship, the “Luz G. Amadeo” Scholarship, is awarded to a non-Puerto Rican student who meets the eligibility criteria and has financial need.


Students must reside in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas and must be Puerto Rican or descendant from Puerto Rican parents and/or grandparents (with the exception of the Open scholarship). Scholarship recipients must attend any two or four year college/university or vocational/technical school for the school year starting August/September (immediately, after graduating from high school). The selection of scholarship recipients is based on the students’ GPA (minimum 3.0), scholastic achievements, leadership qualities and essay. The essay will be evaluated on the students’ ability to express themselves with a clear sense of direction, creativity, correct usage of spelling and grammar.

How to Apply:

The scholarship application must be obtained through the school counselor and must be returned to the counselor. This procedure provides the opportunity for the student to have access to other scholarships available through the Bexar County Scholarship Clearing House. The student must request the application at the beginning of the school year, as MSPF has a limit of 2 nominations per school and for the open scholarship-1 nomination per school.  The application is not available through the Internet.

If you have further questions, please “Contact Us.”

¡Muchas Gracias!

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